When you walk through the door of the Spokane Counseling Hub, you’re accepted for exactly who you are, right where you are at this point in time. No judgment, no lectures, and no critiquing. Just an extended hand to help you with whatever you’re grappling with and a genuine concern for your well-being. 

We’ll listen to your story very closely, and we’ll get to know you very well. We’ll assess the current challenges impeding your progress and design a customized therapy plan to quickly and effectively address them based on your expressed needs and wants for yourself, your relationships, and your life. 

That said, we don’t try to be everything to everybody. And we don’t promise overnight success with easy fixes. Rather, we specialize in four particular areas of therapy, applying a very strategic handful of research-based, practicum-oriented therapeutic approaches proven to produce targeted results and generate client-focused outcomes.

You’ll work. Sometimes you’ll have to work hard. But you won’t be alone — we’ll be working on your behalf as well, right by your side, every step of the way.  

Individual Therapy

Leading You to Your Happy Place

You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t experience very human problems sometimes … or maybe even most of the time. It’s not only common, but it’s entirely natural, almost expected, to face such issues as self-doubt, depression, paralyzing loneliness, faltering relationships, and emotional trauma at various points throughout the life span.

We help you plow through the hard times and the hard stuff in life — teaching you how to navigate difficult terrain with impactful coping skills and how to regulate your emotions and gain self-control with appropriate tools aimed at overcoming challenges and personal growth. We employ solution-focused strategies to help you find solutions that work for you.

Individuals seeking therapy at the Spokane Counseling Center can expect to leave with greater self-esteem, stronger attachments, better relationships, and a clearer path forward. We consider it both our mission and our privilege to clear that way for you, then set you off on your own on an exciting new journey of ever-evolving self-knowledge and inner peace.

Couples Therapy

Restoring Harmony & Reestablishing Connection

If you’re part of a couple, you’re going to hit couples issues in your relationship — it’s an inevitable part of two separate individuals endeavoring to create and sustain a shared, fruitful life together. Some of the most frequent obstacles we treat include: communication problems, discord, unmet expectations, misaligned priorities, sexless unions, infidelity, mistrust, interference from extended family, and boundary issues. 

If you find yourself routinely facing off with your partner in a series of slammed doors, quickly escalating fights, bouts of the silent treatment, and periods of withheld sex, therapy can prove to be the ideal vehicle to calm the conflict, bridge the gap in intimacy, and return to the love that brought you together in the first place. 

Leaning heavily on cutting-edge EFT principles and practices, the Spokane Counseling Hub’s couples counselors act as a neutral third party between literally any type of romantic dyad — regardless of marital status, relationship type, gender, sexual orientation, age, or cultural background — making sure each party feels heard and seen, facilitating interactions so they become more productive, and coaching couples to be present and engaged with each other.

We provide a road map that restores harmony to the disharmony. We apply attachment-based therapy theories to forge more secure bonds. And we guide couples to break negative cycles so they can enjoy and desire each other again.

You don’t have to live like roommates. You don’t have to keep arguing over the dishes every night. You can rebuild trust and create long-term change. You can successfully co-parent from separate locations with separate lifestyles. Whether you’re married or not, whether you’ve been together a long or a short time, and whether you live together or apart, couples counseling has the power to completely revamp your relationship.

LGBTQIA+ Counseling

Providing Therapy Solutions That Honor Liberty and Justice for All

The Spokane Counseling Hub values diversity and inclusion throughout this wonderfully progressive, dynamic, and culturally rich city of ours. We have extensive experience working with all members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex, and asexual community, particularly in the burgeoning area of GSRD (Gender, Sexual, and Relationship Diversity).

Though we’re firm believers that we’re all more alike than different and that people the world over are united as a whole along a continuum of human experience that we all share, there are distinct issues that LGBTQIA+ people face — and there’s no denying that facing them can be painful and can feel isolating. 

These issues include but are not limited to: identity crises and gender questioning; the coming-out process; cultural and ethnic complications; barriers to inclusion and equality; homophobia, heterosexism, and transphobia; micro and macro social aggressions; emotional and/or physical abuse; and the various forms of trauma that result from family isolation and family rejection on the grounds of biased belief systems and religious doctrine. 

Here at the Spokane Counseling Hub, we provide LGBTQIA+ and GSRD affirmative therapy in an environment of complete openness, acceptance, compassion, and positivity. We advocate for human equality above all else and support every individual’s right to be the person they want to be, to live the life they choose to live, and to love who they want to love. That includes self-love. That’s a biggie for people who have gone through their life feeling misunderstood, marginalized, ostracized, and even demonized.

Same-sex couples get into the same kind of ruts any couple does. We’re here for that, too — for pre- and post-marital counseling, for conflict resolution, for strategies and tools you can adopt to turn you and your partner away from hostility and resentment and toward productive communication and fortified connection, to reinvigorate the stale with the stimulating. 

Whatever particular problems you’re dealing with that are rooted in or related to identity, we can help you cope with your loved ones’ reactions, reconcile or integrate your personal choices into your cultural history, steer you out of negative interaction cycles, and either reframe or repair ruptured connections.

Relationship Counseling

Navigating the Rocky Road of Relationships

Gratefully and happily, relationships come in all different shapes and sizes these days. And the therapy team at the Spokane Counseling Hub is fully trained and prepared to walk the path with you through all the unique challenges that modern-day relationships in the modern world can present. 

We offer counseling and support for ENM (ethical non-monogamy), CNM (consensual non-monogamy), polyamory, swinging, open relationships, and everything in between. In any kind of relationship configuration, openness, honesty, and transparency are the core pillars that must be in place, so we concentrate on constructing that foundation and then reinforcing its soundness with candid communication and in-depth analysis.

This means being really forthright in discussions and asking really incisive questions. Are you and your partner curious about exploring non-monogamy but have doubts or concerns about it? Does one of you want an open marriage and the other does not? Have you already experimented with opening up your relationship, but putting it into practice has become problematic? Are either or both of you experiencing the jealousy, hurt, fear, and conflict that polyamory can give rise to?

We address these questions with you and help you arrive at answers aligned with the needs of all parties involved. With the right support, partners can get remarkably creative at finding solutions to their struggles, so we provide this support while always keeping protection of the primary relationship as the top priority. 

As relationship therapists, we believe that you can cultivate the relationship you desire, and we know that emotional security is the cornerstone of any relationship — gay or straight, young or old, monogamous or polyamorous. Building that safety and security when entering into various relational arrangements is what our brand of relationship counseling is all about.

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